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Theresa Adams
& Pepsi

“I have been staying with Simon since I was a puppy (4 years now) for my holidays. He is very kind, loving and has always looked after me well. We get to do fun stuff and it makes me less sad to be away from my pets! You will enjoy it too.”


Leendert, Jet, Bal
& Meggie

“This is Meggie, our 5 year old dog that was found on the streets as a puppy. As a result of that she is quite scared of people. When we went on holiday we would take her to Simon’s house where she always settled in very quickly! His calm approach and the fact she could stay in his house (and was taken for a daily walk in the woods!) made Meggie love it! Because of the reassuring fact our dog was alright, we could enjoy our holidays too! We’re devastated he has moved back to the UK!”

IMG_0233-480x375 (1)mayday.jpg

Nadine Morgado
& Mayday

“The best reference I can give Simon Webb is that it was a ‘home away from home’ for our dog Mayday. And that he is sorely missed by all of us.”


Jill & David,
Millie & Ted

“This was the first time we have left Millie & Ted as we have been lucky enough to have family come to our house to look after them, so the thought of leaving them at a kennel was not an option – after all they are my fur-babies! Simon introduced us to his dog – the lovely Toby and straight away they all hit it off and spent a bit of time getting to know my rather spoilt border terriers before we left them for a week. I had absolutely no worries or reservations about leaving Millie & Ted as they were happy to play with the other guests, thanks to the Simon’s caring attitude and the relaxed, rather serene, atmosphere he has created. Simon kept us fully up to date with text messages and made it clear that if we needed to we could call anytime to make sure all was going well. Millie & Ted came home fit and glossy, obviously having had the time of their lives. We will never consider taking them anywhere else – thanks Simon.”


Angela Evison
& Foxy

“My dog Foxy loved to stay with Simon because she enjoyed being comfortable in his house rather than being in a Kennel. Foxy was diabetic, therefore Simon had to inject her with insulin twice a day and I felt happy leaving her because Simon was confident with doing the injections. I know she was well and truly spoilt there because she could be in the garden or the house, she could come or go as she pleased and she enjoyed Simon’s company and being with other dogs. Simon would often be cooking chicken for the dogs so I know she ate well. I wouldn’t hesitate in leaving a dog with Simon as it really is home from home.”


Eunice Brunido
& Billy

“I’m a Flight Attendant, and as such I travel a lot every week. So I had to leave my babies with Simon every time I flew away. And he was the best friend they could have found away from me. He was loving and caring, specially to my lovely Naomi, who was very old and unfortunately is no longer with us. He had all the patience to nurse and love her until her very end. As for my crazy boxer, Billy Boy, who like all boxers craves for attention, he always found time to cuddle him. Affectionately he called him “silly Billy”. It was a great loss for all of us who trusted him with our doggies to see him leave Portugal for good, and we miss him a lot! But I’m sure he will be equally successful in Great Britain and wish him the best!”

Josh-480x375 (1)josh.jpg


"Josh starting going to daycare at Simon’s after many recommendations from work colleagues who had their dogs stay with him. Josh made lots of friends very quickly and would join the pack in the morning when Simon would take all the dogs out for a brisk walk. At night, when we collected him after work, he was exhausted from all the playing and running about. We were very sad that Simon moved to the UK and would like to thank him so much for taking such good care of Josh when we were at work. If we move back to the UK, we would have Josh stay with Simon again for sure!"

image-480x375 dylan.jpg


“Hi there, I am Dylan. I love the sea and the lake. Honestly, it was very weird this summer. I used to go every summer for two to three weeks to Simon and this time my mom told me that Simon went to open a dog hotel in the UK. I choked almost!!!!! Which is dangerous as I am an Addison patient! It really worried me, because with Simon I was guaranteed to have two long walks a day, cooked chicken, to sleep on Simon’s bed, be sure of having my pills AM and PM and my mom would always get a text or a picture from me. Most of all I always had fun in a safe house. So…yes….I missed that all this summer but I am happy to know that the dogs in the UK now have a secure place to go, and maybe I should suggest at home to book a vacation to the UK next summer :-)”


Stuart Fordham
& Brinkley

“I wanted to take the opportunity of writing to you following “Brinkleys” visits to you. On both occasions I did notice after she returned home she was a little distant and seemed upset with me ! I initially thought she might be a little angry with me for leaving her . However I finally realised after collecting her before Xmas that she was annoyed with me for taking her away from ” your care and dog friendly environment “!!!! Brinkley clearly loves the time she spends with you and will be back . Once again, thank you”

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